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The BaaS project targets the need for comprehensive and open cross-domain management and control functions in today_s buildings. These integrated management and control functions are not yet available due to the isolation of automation disciplines. The main goal of the project is the establishment of an open service platform enabling smart commercial buildings. As a core element of this platform the project develops an abstraction layer to facilitate controlled access to building resources, allowing services that range from basic monitoring & control services reflecting the building automation domain to mechanisms to create and deploy advanced building services.


BaaS targets four technical objectives aiming at conceptualizing and developing a flexible open building service platform allowing the creation of value-added advanced building services at considerably lower cost compared to the state of the art; a well-designed set of model-based platform mechanisms supporting the easy creation of services and “apps” for buildings; mechanisms for capturing meta-information related to building automation equipment and its properties, as well as for aggregation and transformation of corresponding operational data; the integration of existing and novel sources of information to create a “building information sphere” considering all stakeholders of the building. 


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